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Yeezy Tried and Failed to Hire The Shoe Surgeon


might be having trouble filling those 159 . While many in the sneaker industry would sell an organ to work for the brand, , AKA Dominic Chambrone, turned the offer down — and said he wouldn’t take it for a million-dollar salary (if he were offered one).

The news surfaced after the good doctor appeared on Hypebeast's  ‘Business of Hype’ podcast. Host Jeff Staple asked him if there were any big job offers he had turned down. ‘I got a job offer for ,’ replied Chambrone. ‘They wanted me to work for them — and I’ve had a lot of job offers [from] adidas — but it doesn’t make sense to put down what I’m doing.’

How did he say no to that? ‘I told them straight up how I felt,' said Chambrone, 'because it’s the same people who keep contacting me… I put so much blood, sweat, tears and money into this, and I joke around that if someone offered me a million dollars a year, I wouldn’t take it… I need to create something on my own.’

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