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Kanye Yeezy 2 Xu Fail 2

Yeezy Threw a Party and Nobody Came

Anything Kanye touches turns to resale gold — or so we thought. With the help of his darling wife Kim K, Mr. West has been busy hyping up a collaborative capsule between his Yeezy brand and Australian activewear makers 2XU. After months of Instagram teasers, the collection was finally launched at a pop-up event in Sydney, a town known to nurture egos rivalling that of the man himself, as well as a passionate love of athleisure... Nobody turned up.

That’s right, Yeezy-mania failed to take hold of Sydney’s swaggiest consumers and the store space remained empty save for the occasional tumbleweed of crying faced Kimojis. The exact cause for this lack of retail hysteria is hard to pin down. Could it have something to do with the rapper’s scattergun alt-right Twitter rants? Perhaps those who’ve supported his endeavours have no need for scuba shorts? Dare we even say, Kanye isn’t that cool any more?

Plenty of people have mused over how far Kanye can push his legions of fans before they eventually give up one him and maybe we’ve just witnessed the dawning of a new age — life after Yeezy. Consumer confidence is dropping, time to sell out your Yeezy holdings.

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