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Yeezy Mafia Start Burner Account For Leaks

Yeezy Mafia Burner 1

If has left a void in your timeline, never fear: the Mafia are already live with a burner account. Head to Y33ZYM4F14 to find the temporary home for leading leaks, and maybe even an upcoming info dump.

When voicing disappointment about the suspension, one fan suggested that the Mafia ‘fk them up’ with a barrage of leaks.

Yeezy Mafia seemed to think retribution was a good idea, and they’re definitely in a position to dish it out. Speaking with GQ in March, the leakers said they could share ‘the entire release schedule for 2018 right now’ if they wanted to, but wouldn't because they're fans first and didn’t want to do anything detrimental to the Yeezy brand.

At the time of writing, no flood gates have opened — and it’s probably for the best. The hornet’s nest is already raging and it's unlikely that provocation will do the leakers any good. Still, we’ll keep an eye out. Just in case.

You can read Yeezy Mafia's statement regarding the suspension .

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