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Yeezy Mafia Reveal Why Their Account Was Suspended

Yeezy Mafia have issued a statement regarding the suspension of their Twitter account, adding fuel to rumours that Kim Kardashian was responsible.

On their IG, the leakers revealed that the cause for the shutdown was images posted of Kim wearing Yeezy Season 6 outfits. Apparently, someone saw the images and called a company whose bread and butter is looking after celebrity images, causing thousands of sneakerheads looking for Yeezy leaks to find an ‘Account Suspended’ notice instead.

Though the ban seems hinged on a few resolvable infringements, it’s not clear when or if the account will be reactivated. The only tweet Kanye has retweeted and liked on his account comes from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, so if this is coming from the Kardashian-West clan, they’ve got friends in high places to do their bidding.

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