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Yeezy Drops Hammer In New York City!

Yeezy Final
Yeezy Low Top

After months of 'airborne' teasers and speculative banter, Kanye West and adidas Originals have finally unveiled their first collection together on the opening day of New York Fashion Week. The downtown art-installation starred Beyonce and Jay Z in the front row, along with Rihanna, Anna Wintour and the local fash-glitterati and street poseurs in full effect. It was an impressive line-up and the hottest of hot tickets in a week where the entertainment options have been overwhelming in the Big Apple.

As expected, the  made its first official appearance, though the aforementioned image leaks meant the mystery had largely evaporated by the time the show started. For eagle-eyed sneaker fanciers, the sight of an intriguing off-white moccasin-type runner (possibly the Yeezy Boost Low or the 'Yoshe', as it's being called by mean-spirited haters) was a highlight, along with a stomper boot that was possibly inspired by the adidas Winterball. It was hard to say how much of what was seen in the show will be available on official shelves in the post-apocalyptic future, but if you dig the Water World aesthetic and skin-coloured tights, you're definitely in luck.

Kanye remained enigmatic to the end, appearing from behind the curtains to take a brief bow, and with a sly wave to Lady Bey, he was off, leaving many scratching their heads. Genius or talentless hyper-ego, there's no doubting the thermo-nuclear buzz Kanye is able to generate at will. Whether that translates into million dollar sales for adidas is another matter, but for now, this is a tantalising glimpse into the direction of this remarkable cultural partnership.

Adidas has yet to offer any more info, but we will no doubt hear more in the coming days and months. As for our thoughts on the shoes? Until we get our hands on them we'll reserve our judgement, but you only need to check our Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone thinks in real time.

We'll have more updates from our NYC experience shortly... stand by!

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