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adidas Yeezy 350s For Infants And Toddlers Are Almost Here

Kanye West is leading the charge on his call to 'listen to the kids' and will be dropping 'Pirate Black' and 'Turtle Dove' Yeezy 350 Boosts in both infant's and toddler's sizings.

Not just a mock up of an adult's shoe like some kid's shoes can be, adidas is promising these to come with the same full-length Boost sole as the larger version – just to make sure your little one's first steps are comfy ones.

These 350s will also come in a size range of US 5K to US 10K, which means that the small footed among us might just luck out and cop a Yeezy for much cheaper. Though, at 130 Euros a pop, a few parents will be laying down a pretty penny so their kids can stunt like Nori for a few weeks.

The adidas yeezy 350 in infant's and toddler's sizings will be available globally on August 27 from retailers like Titolo and from the adidas Confirmed app.

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