World Star Takes Us Behind The Birdman


Bryan Williams, Baby, B-32, Birdman – the Cash Money Records boss has a lot of cash money and ain't afraid to spend it. The proof is in the latest episode of World Star Hip Hop's Day In The Life series, where we're taken inside his LA condo. He's a brand name bragger for sure, it's Fendi almost-everything, from chandeliers to couches,  and when it ain't Fendi, it's Versace, Gucci or Chanel. I'm no interior designer, but I gotta admit the place doesn't look as garish as you'd think. Nicely done actually. Paris Hilton even swans in and she's looking pretty damn good for a wash-up. We've tacked in the first episode of the series too, which features cameos from professional own-name shouters, DJ Drama and DJ Khaled; and real rappers Young Thug, Tyga, Drake and a stupidly blazed Rick Ross. Under that vid, peep the Day In The Life of Riff Raff, a man who surely has absolutely no money but still manages to buy mad colourful ices on credit cards that are presumably now in his mama's name. You do get to watch him go shopping for his dog and get his hair done, so it's totally worth your time.

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