ARTICLE BY Sneaker Freaker
Puma Masquerade 1
Pony Runner 1
Nike Air Warpido 1
Puma Hawaii 1 1
Nike Air Huarache Vt 1
Nike Healthwalker Plus 1
,Red Tag Ct 350 1
Nike Air Max 2 1
Dharma Mantra 3513 1

Womens Selection - Museum Recap

Here's a sweet selection of silhouettes that kept Freakettes on the go back in the day. From obscure brands such as Dharma and Red Tag to the staple Nike, Puma and adidas kicks, the ladies were always covered. And only a small drop of pink in the mix! Our Sneaker Freaker Museum features pages of heat just for our ladies, so make sure you jump over to peep the goodness.

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