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Nike Pay Gap
Nike Pay Gap
Nike Pay Gap

Why Did Nike Just Bump the Pay of 7000 of Its Employees?

Nike have bumped the pay of 10 per cent of its employees (around 7,000) across the globe, according to a staff memo sent out earlier this week.

Many are considering the move as a response to claims of misconductBack in May, more than 50 Nike employees shared their negative experiences with the New York Times, citing examples of harassment and discrimination, along with extensive economic disparity between male and female employees. The report triggered the resignation of several top executives, including brand president Trevor Edwards, who was next in line for CEO Mark Parker’s job.

Two months ago, Parker announced an internal pay review in an effort to present a corporate culture ‘in which employees feel included and empowered’.

Today’s leak looks like the first financial manifestations of Nike's report.

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