New Balance 550 'UNC' BB550HL1
New Balance 550 'UNC' BB550HL1
New Balance 550 'UNC' BB550HL1

Where to Buy the New Balance 550 'UNC'

New Balance's 550 silhouette is continuing to keep rotations fresh and captivate hearts in 2022. They've been releasing in a number of GR colourways like the crispy all-white and the burgundy and aqua blue. There was also recently the hyped Rich Paul collaboration, which saw the 550 take on quite the retro aesthetic. Keeping the heat coming this year is the 'UNC' style, which first surfaced in August last year.

The 'UNC' – AKA a 'University Blue' and white number – nods to a fan-loved collegiate colourway. As expected, it was welcomed with open arms by many when it first released in December last year. It's already seen a rerelease earlier this month, and just in case you missed it, they're already due for their next restock at a number of stores. Due to land on February 3rd, you'll be able to try your luck via a combo of online raffles, as well as with a direct drop from the New Balance web store. Good luck!

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