Wtb Nfr Jordan
Wtb Nfr Jordan
Wtb Nfr Jordan

Where to Buy the Air Jordan 1 'Not for Resale'

The Air Jordan 1 'Not for Resale' has been one of the hardest shoes to cop all year. Not only were numbers uber-limited for the first release, but retailers were taking the shoe's message pretty damn seriously. Oneness made punters ditch the box and wear the shoes out of the store, while another retailer made customers do push-ups in the shoes to crease them — all in the name of discouraging resellers!

If you did miss out the first time around, don't worry; a handful of stores are dropping the coveted Jays this weekend. Suss our list below and have at it.

Join the online raffle now.

Dropping in-store at Berne and Zurich on December 15.

Raffle info coming soon. Check their socials for updates.

Releasing online and in-store on December 15.

In-store raffle open now. Head to their site for entry details.

Foot District
Raffle open now.

A rather concise list, to be sure, but we'll update as more info emerges.

Header image via Footpatrol.

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