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A Week With Chuck: Mat Cant

While there will always be a place for the humble 99-year-old All Star, the team at Converse introduced the new Chuck II for the discerning sneakerhead who wants something more comfortable to support their increasingly busy lifestyle. Featuring a Lunarlon sole unit and a number of new improvements packaged in the iconic Chuck silhouette we all love, the Chuck II has quickly become a favourite among the SF staff and extended family – we even put it in our best sneakers of the year list!

To celebrate the release of the new Chuck II Knit Collection, we’ve enlisted some crew who are always on their feet to spend a week wearing the new Chucks, and give us some feedback on how the updated OG feels on duty.

For the last installment in our ‘Week with Chuck’ series, we follow DJ and producer Mat Cant as he juggles his duties at Melbourne’s Capsule Store with his busy music career. One of the busiest DJs in the city and an old school Converse fan, Mat is the perfect candidate to try out the new improvements in the Chuck II…

When I was younger, it would’ve been impossible to find me without a pair of Converse sneakers on my feet – it’s all I would wear! It’s been a minute since my last pair, so I’m pretty damn excited to see how this week goes testing out the new Chuck II. After putting them on, the difference in comfort is instantly noticeable! The original Chucks never felt as good as this. The Lunarlon innersole makes such a huge difference, and the knitted upper on this pair must be the reason why they’re so light.

My week usually consists of three main sections: writing and producing music, my DJing work and my job at Melbourne’s Capsule Store boutique. I generally start my week pretty relaxed after my busy weekends gigging, so I try to get into the studio to work on my own music, mixes and my monthly rap podcast series “Loved Ones”.

Staying in the studio can get pretty lonely sometimes, so I always give myself some time to take a break and get out to link up with the homies, usually for coffee and lunch somewhere close by. We generally try and keep it pretty local but sometimes we will venture out and see what we can discover, Melbourne has such a great café culture that it’s hard not to take advantage of it.,

While most of the music gear I use is digital now, I still love playing records in my DJ sets. Each week I’ll always go walk around to the local record stores and spend a few hours digging for anything that grabs my attention. I’ve been collecting for a few years now. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying records – well as long as the money keeps coming in that is!

After cruising around for a few days, I barely even notice the Chuck IIs, but the last half of my week is when I put in the hours at work and I can really put them to the test! During the day I work at Capsule, then I DJ late into the night every Friday and Saturday. Wearing these new Converse shoes with the Lunarlon sockliner definitely made this part of my week a lot easier, I was on my feet for almost fifteen hours straight on Friday and they were a lifesaver! It is really important for me to have that support in my footwear, and the lack of cushioning in the old Chucks was a big reason why I stopped wearing them.

I really enjoyed wearing these shoes for the week, the comfort level was amazing and really surprised me how much I loved them. I’m sorry I forgot about you Converse, but don’t worry – I’m ready to love you again!

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Knit Collection is available now at Converse stockists and online at

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