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What Did You Wear Today? Best Kicks Of June €

Sneaker Freaker Wdywt ThumbSneaker Freaker Wdywt Thumb
Snkrfrkr Wdywt 6
Snkrfrkr Wdywt 5
Snkrfrkr Wdywt 1
Snkrfrkr Wdywt
Snkrfrkr Wdywt 2
Snkrfrkr Wdywt 3
Snkrfrkr Wdywt 4
Wdwyt Sneaker Freaker 1

Time flies when you're having fun, and before you know it it's time to crunch another  Sneaker Freaker forum thread recap. As per usual, the last couple of months has seen a steady stream of heat on feet being uploaded – there was seriously a mega mountain range of happy snaps to sift through. An honourable mention has gotta go out to Modzzilla the toy killa for his series of Air Max 95 uploads, dude your shutting down the system with that collection, props! All the usual heads represented hard out this last couple of months – Chonks (fresh name BTW, I love saying it), the sublime Dave09, Lemon_Diesel (yo, PM me, I wanna know where you got that tight Nike leg brace from), TravyB janawamean, Big Daddy Sect1, just doing the do Q, Psychotik the lunatic, future bossman TheLegacy, Byza the appetiser, DJS the smoove operator (couldn't find any of ya snaps in the feed, but you know I got love for ya. PS. you see that set running Watergardens today? Pwoahhh #bunsen), Mesh101 just having fun, Aeropooch the G etc. etc. etc. You guys are all 24K legit lords. Keep it rocking fam! Scope the dope gallery above, check out more in the thread and become a forum member to get amongst the action.

This is Sweet Kicks Willy Oner signing out forever. See youse in the real world...

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