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Dj Khaled Snipes
Dj Khaled Snipes
Dj Khaled Snipes

WE THE BEST! DJ Khaled Joins SNIPES as Chief Creative Officer

Global sneaker retailer SNIPES have signed a long-term contract with DJ Khaled, tapping him to become their Chief Creative Officer.

Negotiated by entertainment giants Roc Nation, the deal is a true extension of Khaled’s love of sneakers and influence in footwear.

‘As we continue this next phase of Khaled’s career, we wanted to ensure that Khaled can be a part of something he is truly passionate about. From earning multiple accolades within the music industry, prominence in the social media space and commitment to philanthropy, we are proud to take this journey with Khaled and SNIPES,’ says Michael Yormack, President of Roc Nation Sports International/Co-CEO of Roc Nation. ‘Khaled has always been about being as authentic as possible, and aligning with SNIPES – a brand that has supported him throughout the years – it feels very full circle. We’re looking forward to this announcement and are excited on what’s to come from this partnership.’

In his new role as CCO, DJ Khaled will provide creative output on SNIPES marketing and experiential initiatives in North America, as well as in Europe. Naturally, the famed producer was ‘grateful’ for his latest opportunity.

‘Music remains at the forefront of my career and I’m excited to change things up a bit through this partnership with SNIPES,’ he says. ‘Being named Chief Creative Officer of a globally recognised sneaker retailer is really big, and I love that I can work on other things that I am passionate about. This position isn’t just about sneakers, we’re going to be curating a lifestyle brand. SNIPES has supported me through the years and, with this new deal, we are really taking things to the next level.’

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