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Way Of The B-Boy

IntroducingThe Way Of The B-boy, a full-length visually eye-popping documentary & instruction course all-in-one, about three generations of b-boys and how the method of creating the dance is what changes it. B-boys Jeromeskee (Massive Monkees Crew, Rock Steady Crew) and Fever One (DVS, Rock Steady Crew) start with the most basic step, then reveal the moves and demonstrate how they are put together in combinations -  in the original way that hasn't changed since the '70s.

No special effects, no Hollywood, just REAL accounts of where breakin' has been and where it is going. See behind the battles, the style from hard bottoms to BVDs double layered-up, the posture that says b-boyjust by how you enter a room, and why b-boying only works if the goal is creativity. Many train to win; others train to change the direction of the dance forever.

The Way Of The B-boy is a  full-length documentary and and instructional video that offers an in-depth look at the role of breaking and b-boy culture, featuring interviews with hip hop legends Grandmaster Caz, Ralph McDaniels, and Lil' Dep, and a step-by-step tutorial by Seattle's Massive Monkees.

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