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Watch Urban Photographer Night Shift Explore Nyc In The adidas NMD

Night Shift Adidas Nmd Nyc 3
Night Shift Adidas Nmd Nyc 2
Night Shift Adidas Nmd Nyc 1

In this new video, two urban nomads unite to capture New York and its citizens in a captivatingly candid light. Nolan Zangas, also known by his Instagram handle ‘Night Shift’,  is a photographer who spends his days traversing the Big Apple trying to preserve moments usually lost in the commotion of the city. This is a labour of love that keeps Zangas on his feet for extended periods, so  laced him with some to help him stroll the streets in comfort and style. In this video he dons the runner to explore Brooklyn, sharing his working process and thoughts on his art form along the way.

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