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Watch Tyler, The Creator Make His Own Converse One Star

Tyler The Creator Make Converse One Star 1Tyler The Creator Make Converse One Star 1
Tyler The Creator Make Converse One Star

In new Viceland show, Nuts + Bolts, we see the musician and sock mogul explore his interests while learning to create outside of his wheelhouse. The first episode saw Tyler make his own stop motion video; the second sees him pay  a visit to try his hand at making a .

Before getting into it, Converse drop some knowledge bombs on the artist. He gets a crash course in the brand’s origins as a rubber company, and is told – for the first time, somehow – that the All Star used to be a basketball shoe. He then voices his discontent that samples are made in size 9 (something even the employee building on the shoe’s last couldn’t explain), and plays with a laser cutter before getting down to business with a sewing machine. Turns out that for someone so practised at the piano, Tyler’s hand coordination is lacking when sewing.

Check out the preview here and, depending on your location, you can view the whole episode below.

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