Watch This: Odd Future European Tour Diary


Remember when Odd Future first came up? They were breaking shit (including their own bones), pissing celebrities off, disrespecting anyone or anything they could find, and outraging a whole bunch of parents groups. It was a moment in time when even people in their early-twenties felt a true disconnect with the yoof and were pondering, 'What happened to the kids of today, why are you so angry? You have everything!' Now those head shakes are reserved for Miley Cyrus and her legion of frisky teens, and Odd Future actually have to make music that has more to it then two thin midi tracks and screaming about causing anarchy for no particular reason. Poor dudes, it used to be so easy. This tour video is taken from those easy money times, it shows Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All at their most brutal, on a European tour around the time Tyler, The Creator's Goblin album was making waves. Take a walk down mayhem memory lane in the video above.

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