Nike Mag Unboxing 2
Nike Mag Unboxing 2
Nike Mag Unboxing 2

Watch As A Nike Mag Winner Unboxes His Prize

As the winners of the Nike Mag raffle get their spoils dropped off at the door, we’re starting to see some very special sneaker unboxings. The latest clip to reach us shows Chris – who reasonably omits his surname for the unboxing – go through the entire delivery process, from drop-off to on foot.

Upon hearing about the raffle and its good cause from a co-worker, Chris says he ‘donated fifty bucks, and totally forgot about it.’ He marvelled at the Hong Kong auction like the rest of us, but the lucky dude’s next interaction with the Nike Mag was an email saying that he’d won them. Naturally, he boast-posted the email to Twitter and was immediately hit with offers and advice that culminated in Mark Ingram of the New Orleans Saints saying he’d be happy to take them off his hands.

While there’s no telling who will end up with Chris’ Nike Mags, you can still see what they look like on foot and live out your Mag dreams vicariously.

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