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Watch: Lil Nas X Trolls Nike in ‘Satan Shoes’ Court Trial MV Teaser

lil nas x nike trial satan shoe music video
via Lil Nas X

Rapper and ‘Satanist sneakerhead’ Lil Nas X has made light of his recent Nike legal battle in a teaser for his upcoming single ‘Industry Baby’. Acting out a mock court trial involving his controversial MSCHF-designed ‘Satan Shoes’, Lil Nas X plays multiple characters in the tongue-in-cheek skit. Admittedly, it’s pretty hilarious!

What begins as a trial regarding the sneakers quickly turns into an examination of Lil Nas X’s sexuality. We won’t ruin all the fun, so check out the teaser above ahead of the full music video launch on July 23.

At this point, the ‘Satan Shoe’ is going to take some beating as the ‘most hated’ sneaker of 2021. ICYMI, Lil Nas X got people’s blood boiling with his Air Max 97 ‘Satan’ collaboration alongside Brooklyn-based creative MSCHF, which was, of course, filled with literal human blood.

The sneaker produced some of the most outrageous sneaker commentary of all time, with Nike lawyering-up to put a halt on the release before things got too out of hand. You can read more about the controversial creps in our recap of the biggest sneaker stories of 2021 (so far).

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