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Kanye Gifts Yeezys to Ugandan President, Reveals New Line

Kanye Gifts Urugayan President Yeezys 1Kanye Gifts Urugayan President Yeezys 1
Kanye Gifts Urugayan President Yeezys 2

If was , he’d have to tell the Ugandan president not to wear his around him. On a visit to Africa, and met with the country’s president, Yoweri Museveni, and gave him a signed pair of the .

Museveni had either seen the restock numbers or isn't a big sneakerhead, but he didn’t seem too hyped to receive the Yeezys. ‘They are for football, or what?’ He asked Kanye, to which 'Ye interestingly answered, ‘Um, they’re for going to the gym’. Who knew Yeezys were cross-trainers?

Kanye also let slip some salient Yeezy news, telling Museveni that he was making new shoes for football players. However, unless these cleats creep up on us like , they’re likely far from production.

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