Adidas C 10
Adidas C 10
Adidas C 10

Watch: Inspirations Behind The adidas Originals C-10


Aside from the Yeezys, all the hype in the sneakerworld is still about living in the past – retro runners and ball shoes draw the queues, rarely does a totally new shoe get people frothing. Adidas Originals are doing their best at showing people the light, that new design can be damn fine – they've created a video briefly tracing the inspirations for the new C-10. When we first saw the shoe, we knew it was different, so we've got to give props to the Three Stripes for originality, but it is tough to see something that doesn't immediately remind you of anything else and be able to say straight away it's brilliant and worth your hard earneds. The C-10 took design cues from a lot of unexpected places to forge something fresh, see if you're feeling it by peeping the vid above .

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