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Misc Volley 3 1
Volley Shannon Siegmann 2
Volley Michalina Neasmith 1
Volley Michael Hong 1
Volley Mick Bell 2
Volley Nathan Nuffy Wheeler 2 1
Volley Rich Emmerson 2 1
Woody And Jazz 2
Volley Ben Lyall 1
Volley Casey Farrell 1
Volley High Mick Bell 1
Volley Logo 4 1
Volley Drew Spriggs 1
Volley Logo 1
Volley Luke Mussett 1
Volley Cade Lincoln 1
Volley Ben Mc Auliffe 1
Misc Volley 2 2
,Volley Allan Owen 1
Volley James Minto 1
Volley Adem Schnabel 2
Volley Colin Parker 1
Misc Volley 1 2
Volley Brendan Mc Namara 1
Volley Allan Webb 1

Australia's Rarest Volleys Revealed!

Melbourne's Federation Square recently played host to an iconic chapter in Australian shoe history with ‘The Search for Australia’s Well Worn Volleys’ exhibition shining a light on the forgotten history of Australia's favourite summer shoe. Back in March a call was put out for anyone harbouring long lost vintage Volleys to bring forth their shoes and favourite Volley memories. The top 30 entries went on show to the public, and one lucky entrant is about to have their rare Volley grace the cover of Sneaker Freaker 21! Keep those eyes peeled for some hot green-on-gold action!

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