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13 May 2008

Industry News

Vlny Brnd

Vlny Brnd 1

While flicking through Extra Butter's online blog, it came to our attention that this was one brand that hadn't had a lot of worldwide exposure, so what better way to give it the intercontinental blessing than to speak first hand with VLNY BRND creator Ashdin Dalal. Here's what Ashdin dished out for us about the brand.

"For spring we teamed up with Extra Butter and Photographer Angelica Glass for our look book photo-shoot. With spring being only our second season around, we are still in the growing process and plan to expand our inventory witch each season. Our work with Extra Butter is mainly due to the fact that both of our companies mesh so well. With them having a cinematic theme and us having heavy movie influenced designs creates a synergy that can really be viewed by just looking at our spring look book or our recent successful "Risky Business" themed event.

Our line's central theme is to pay homage to the bad guy and give recognition to their impact in media, society, politics and life. The inspiration behind our designs comes from all the villains we watch both growing up and throughout daily life. From your favorite Saturday morning cartoon bad guy to that ex-NFL Football Star turned murderer. All of our designs are created with a touch of humor. We try to stray away from bold statements and instead try to make light of our subjects, which still gets our point across but in a more humorous way.

You check out more about VLNY BRND at
Also check out their lookbook at:

13 May 2008

Industry News

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