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Vault By Vans Anniversary

Vault By Vans 10th Anniversary Party Recap

Last night in New York City Vans put on a 10 year anniversary bash for their Vault collection, and Sneaker Freaker was lucky enough to get along. There were DJ sets from big beat names Vita and Druzzi of The Rapture and Washed Out main brain Earnest Greene, while M. Ward reminded us that the guitar still exists as an instrument and can sound spectacular.
The Vault by Vans collection has been a smash hit for the little Cali rubber brand that could since it launched in 2003. The range has revived a stack of classic or slept-on Vans prints for a new generation to slip on and has also pushed some sneaker fashion frontiers, encouraging designers like Taka Hayashi to get plenty experimental while still repping the brand's heritage style. There were key sneakers from Vault's decade in the biz placed throughout The Park's glowing garden, including the still mind-melting Simpsons collection as well as the super clean MLB colab.
It was a hella tight night and was awesome to look back on the huge amount of goodness Vault by Vans has produced in its time. Congrats Vault folks, you should put on an 11th birthday party as good as this and invite us again. Eleventh birthdays are milestones now, no lie.

Early gallery pictures by Bryan Derballa. The photos of questionable quality were taken by Sneaker Freaker writer-turned-photographer-for-one-night.

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