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vans channel 66 hero
vans channel 66 hero
,vans channel 66 hero

Vans Launches 'Channel 66' Live Digital Broadcast Platform

Vans have launched ‘Channel 66’, an always-on digital broadcast inspired by public access TV, and built for the livestreaming era.

‘Vans is such an IRL, grassroots brand, things like Vans Warped Tour and House of Vans, that really is our strength and preferred approach,’ says Brooke Burt, Lifestyle Brand Marketing Lead at Vans. ‘So this was definitely a muscle we had to build and learn to flex. How do we be ourselves, but how do we transition to the digital space? Channel 66 is the concept we landed on.’

Channel 66 aims to be a one-stop-shop for entertainment, which will encompass live performances, workshops, and curated conversations that span music, art, sports, and street culture. The livestream service will target local communities of Chicago, Downtown Los Angeles, New York and Mexico City.

‘That is the programming point of view, to have a hyper-focus on these cities that we care about and these communities that we’re committed to, but to have a narrative that would actually be of national interest,’ says Burt.

Looking ahead, Vans plans ‘to keep our foot on the gas with Channel 66,’ while gauging interest as live music returns. In the meantime, the priority is to provide uplifting creative spaces through this new outlet.

You can livestream Channel 66 right here.

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