Vans MSCHF Lawsuit
Vans MSCHF Lawsuit
Vans MSCHF Lawsuit

Vans Claim MSCHF Are Allegedly Still Shipping Pairs of the 'Wavy Baby'

Vans' legal proceedings against MSCHF have now escalated, following reported findings that the Brooklyn-based art collective are still shipping pairs of the Old Skool-looking 'Wavy Baby' sneakers, despite recently filed court orders.

Earlier this month, Vans had secured a victory against MSCHF, with the result meaning that the latter would be prevented from selling the controversial sneakers. Judge William Kuntz of New York's eastern district court ruled that the 'Wavy Baby' had already confused consumers and therefore could not be considered a parody of an existing product. In addition, Kuntz also had granted Vans a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against MSCHF, which not only stopped further sales of the shoes, but would also cancel current pending orders and escrow money made from orders that couldn't be cancelled.

Vans have now once again taken to court, stating that MSCHF have violated the court order by allegedly continuing to ship out the shoes in question, as per ,Complex. Specific details have not been revealed, but Vans have made it clear that their evidence shows a number of pairs had been shipped to customers – post the order – on May 11.

An excerpt from the filing reads, 'During this period, MSCHF had sufficient time to inform its affiliates and partners of the injunction and to reverse or cancel unfulfilled orders.' Vans are also reportedly asking for additional fines to be incurred by MSCHF.

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