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Kiss May Airs doormat
Kiss May Airs doormat
Kiss May Airs doormat

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Sneaker-Loving Sweetheart (that Aren't Sneakers)

Can you hear that sound? Cupid's descending from the clouds to shoot you in the butt with his loved-up arrow. It's that time of year when chocolate comes in heart-shaped boxes, and the price of flowers skyrockets, when the romantically inclined kick into gear, and even Hallmark skeptics start to feel the warm and fuzzies.

That brings us to the inevitable question: what to buy bae for V-Day? If you want to go the traditional route, sure, there are are slew of Valentine's sneaker releases for you to consider. But maybe you've recently cashed out on creps for your companion, and are looking for a fresh idea with which to show your sneaker-loving sweetheart how you truly feel. In that case, read on...

Nike: Better Is Temporary

Is there any gift better than the gift of knowledge? Take bae behind the scenes of Nike's design process with Sam Grawe's Nike: Better Is Temporary.

Melody Ehsani Cherry Signet Ring

If your significant other is stunting in the Melody Ehsani Air Jordan OG, double down with the LA-based designer's Cherry Signet Ring. How sweet of you!


Nike 'Kiss My Airs' Doormat

As far as Valentine's Day presents go, a doormat is about as far away from a bouquet of chocolate roses as you can get.

Pat McGrath x Supreme Lipstick

If you're even slightly engaged with the global community, you'll know that, like in the world of sneakers, hype is real. And so, when Supreme dropped a lipstick colab with Pat McGrath in their signature red, it was a match made in hypebae heaven.

Adventures in Street Skating, Mark Gonzales

Has the current resurgence of the Nike Dunk got your SO jumping back on the board after years of hiatus? Keep their bones unbroken while scratching their skating itch with Mark Gonzales' Adventures in Street Skating.

Travis Scott x McDonald's Chicken Nugget Body Pillow

There are few ways better to show the object of your affections some serious love than bringing home some chicken nuggies (or their plant-based alternative). But if you'll be solo this year on February 14, treat yourself to the Travis Scott x McDonald's Chicken Nugget Body Pillow. Just cuddle up on the couch with that delicious piece, and wait for Valentine's Day to be over.

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