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Us Army To Get Uniform Sneakers?

If you enter the US Army, you can't choose your own fresh threads. You're 'issued' with a uniform and you've gotta keep it crispy, there's not much room for personal style swagger. The one thing soldiers can choose, though, is their training shoes, albeit from a select couple of models from the Army supply store. But that looks set to change now, with the Defense Department circulating a pre-solicitation notice to see if there is interest from reputable brands to create an Army-issued sneaker. The silver lining here is that it could mean all the soldiers get kitted in some fresh Made In USA New Balance retros, we nominate anything from New Balance's recent camo pack (of course it's gotta be camo), but they'll probably offer up something a bit more techie. We'll keep you posted on this spectacular story as it unravels. News via The Leaf Chronicle.

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