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25 Dec 2010

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Undrcrwn Luxe Varsity

Toy Soldier Varsity Jacket Dude 646 1Toy Soldier Varsity Jacket Dude 646 1
Simon Says Jacket Label 1
Simonsays Open 1
Undrcrwn Badge 1
Simon Says Hero 646 1
Toysoldier Jacket Front Copy 1
Undrcrwn Cap 1
Simon Says Jacket Front Copy 1
Jacket Hilights2 1
Toysoldier Jacket Inside Det 1
Undrcrwn Cap 2 1

Undrcrwn come correct this season with two new varsity jackets to complement their collaboration with Starter. You can choose from the 'Simon Says' grey banger or the yellow/black 'Toy Soldier'. With each flossing some extra sweet satin patterned lining and UNDRCRWN x Starter Caps to match, you know you'll be rocking it tight this season courtesy of 'The Brand Of Champions'. All pieces will be made available for pre-sale exclusively at on December 23rd, 2010, with drop dates of December 27th, 2010.


Historically, the varsity jacket has been used as an award for athletic achievement. Often associated with elite athletes and high performance in team sports, it has since been adopted as a prestigious part of American sports culture. As 'The Brand for Champions,' UNDRCRWN harnesses the power of collegiate tradition and 'American-made' authenticity for the Holiday 2010 collection. The new line of Varsity Jackets focus on rich workmanship and quality fabrics. Both the 'Simon Says' and 'Toy Soldier' styles are custom-built in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, UNDRCRWN introduces  their second offering of collaborative Starter caps. This time around, the classic snapback receives a wool makeover. The all-black 'World Champs' cap features tonal 3D embroidery, while the grey version mixes in small pops of white and red accents

Each jacket features: 100% melton wool with full-grain leather pocket welts, custom chenille patchwork and tonal buttons. The tailored fit and everyday wearability- combine the authenticity of traditional wool varsity jackets with forward-thinking design. A fun and whimsical burst of color quietly await the wearer on the inside as the "toy soldier" camo print and "simon says" multi-colored satin lining- pick up on the theme of "play" and "children's toys" highlighted in the UNDRCRWN Fall 2010 t-shirt collection.

25 Dec 2010

Industry News

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