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The Ugg Boot Guard: Is This ... Techwear?


Ok, hear us out...

We know this doesn’t exactly qualify as techwear, but the UGG Boot Guard is intriguing. describe this rubberised covering as a silicone rubber galosh designed to protect against heavy weather conditions. When you consider the grim prospect of soggy UGGs, this product makes a ton of sense.

In a stroke of DIY genius, Instagram user @iamtolgah​ matched UGG’s Boot Guard in ‘Chestnut’ with his Salomon XT-6s, creating an almost perfect colour match with the shoe’s tongue, which seems to have been coffee-dyed. While the XT-6 is an ultra-distance racing shoe and doesn’t really need any extra weather protection, the pairing still creates a cool look, and we’re curious what other styles the Boot Guard might match. UGG does state on their website that the Boot Guard is not compatible with every style of shoe.

In addition to ‘Chestnut’, the Boot Guard is offered in popping hues like ‘Freshwater’ and ‘Nantucket Coral’, as well as a translucent ‘Clear’ option so you can show off your kicks underneath.

With the colder weather approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, the UGG Boot Guard could be the puddle protection we all need in the coming months. (In before the ‘sneaker condom’ jokes.)

Head over to the UGG website to scoop a pair of Boot Guards for $50.

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