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U-Lace? We Lace!


Just when you think you’ve seen it all before, along comes a nifty new idea that has you eating your words like alphabet spaghetti on toast. Introducing U-Lace, an ingeniously simple new lacing system that makes complicated lace-ups a thing of the past!
U-Lace is basically a series of elasticised strips that are capped with hard plastic tips that tuck into your eyelets to fix the shoe to your feet. Just poke one tip in a hole and stretch it out before dunking it into another hole to complete the deal. It’s super easy-peasey and makes light work of complicated lace algorithms.

Each handy pack contains 16 different U-Lace segments and some even contain a mix of colours that are ready for triple dipping, so you don’t need to be Good Will Hunting to work out that the potential variety of lace jobs you can create with them is mathematically infinite!These things are so damn simple to use, it’s a snap. But if you do get stuck for an idea, the packaging also comes with some handy hints. And if you’re aesthetically hooked on laces, you can still use them to create a bow on the top row of your kicks, so don’t sweat the technique. They’re such a nifty gadget we sent Sneaker Freaker’s own Mafia to have a crack at U-lacing some crispy kicks – check out the results below!

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