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Travis Scott Tears It Up At The Nike NBA Launch!

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Nike assembled the troops overnight in Los Angeles to usher in their new big-dollar deal with the NBA. After months of speculation, the covers were thrown off to reveal a bunch of whizz-bang innovations. There's high-tech socks and jocks, as well as a very sharp track top that is officially known as the Nike Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket. The stand-out highlight was the new  Nike NBA jersey which incorporates the NikeConnect app that allows fans to watch extra content, purchase tickets, access Spotify playlists made by athletes and order NIKEiD hot dogs with your choice of different buns and condiments*. Just tap the NBA logo with your smartphone and a microchip inside fires right up to get the ball rolling.

All in all, it was a mightily impressive and tantalising look at how Nike plans to embrace generation next. From sneakers to gaming to retail and sport, mobile technology is obviously the future of every single thing in the entire universe. For all NBA fans outside the entire universe (aka North America), we are also delighted to report that the app will work globally on both Android and Apple.

The event also reinforced Travis Scott’s budding relationship with Nike. Aside from an energetic performance, Travis was ‘allegedly’ rocking a unique pair of Air Force 1s with custom Swooshes that may or may not have his name on them, we couldn’t possibly ‘allegedly’ comment or say for sure. More to come on that creative collaboration in the coming weeks.

Also on hand were a bunch of the NBA’s finest talent, including Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and our very own Ben Simmons. Peep all the pics of the new  uniforms and enjoy our exclusive shots from the event as we go behind the scenes for some candid camera action.

* Sadly, not true.

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