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Travis Scott's Nike Deal Helps Him Earn $100 Million a Year in Endorsements

Travis Scott air force 1s hero

We know Travis Scott’s cultural and corporate influence is at an all-time high and, thanks to Forbes, we now have a better insight into what the hip hop superstar actually makes from his lucrative endorsement deals, namely his prolific partnership with Nike.

Spotlighted in an extended feature as part of Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30’ coverage, La Flame is estimated to earn more than $100 million in 2020. Regarding his Nike deal, he ‘probably’ makes about $10 million a year, but considering his exploits with the Swoosh have led to so many opportunities with other brands, that figure somewhat belies the truth.

Since collaborating on the back in 2017, Scott and Nike have prospered to form the most powerful partnership in sneakers. Subsequent high-profile projects with the likes of PlayStation, Fortnite and McDonalds have followed, all contributing to the estimated $100 million figure.

‘For the next generation of consumer, he has tremendous influence,’ says StockX CEO Scott Cutler in the feature. ‘He’s advanced into the stratosphere within a few short years.’

Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is Scott’s earnings from his McDonalds deal, which supposedly made him $5 million, while over $15 million was made from merch sales. if they’d released sneakers…

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