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26 Jul 2007

Industry News

Toofly Website Launch

Toofly Website Launch 1

Toofly is a female illustrator, designer and active street artist, working and living in New York City.
She got her start in the early 90s tagging up and drawing her popular girl mark in graffiti blackbooks. After a few attempts at proving her aerosol skills, she was invited to the famous Graffiti Hall of Fame, where she got the opportunity to introduce her work to a much wider audience.

Since then she has painted alongside some of todays most legendary graffiti writers and is the sole female member of the acclaimed Motug crew.

Toofly's work continues to travel worldwide. Staying true to her roots as one of the few leading female graffiti artists active in Hip-Hop culture. Her fly girls on walls, magazines, and customized pieces not only state her individual style. They empower young women in her community, and help bring diversity to a male dominated scene.

Make sure you take her peek at her fresh new website/store and be quick, without a doubt this proddy wont hang around! Be the first to own the hottest art and gear from one of the scenes hottest graffiti artists!

26 Jul 2007

Industry News

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