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Tishoe Sneaker Wipes 1
Tishoe Sneaker Wipes 1
Tishoe Sneaker Wipes 1

Tishoe - Sneaker Wipes

We here at Sneaker Freaker can't get enough of products that use clever word play in their branding, and Tishoes have got us in a frenzy! Imagine stepping in a pile of mud in your brand new DS OG JIII's without a cloth or Jason Mark's cleaner in sight? The panic falls over you like a man trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital. Then you remember, you bought a box of Tishoes containing 20 shoe wipes, a pre-moistened, individually wrapped cleaning swab that quickly removes scuffs, dirt, and other stains and soils. The heartbeat starts to subside as you rip open a packet and gentle wipe off the mess, so to the naked sneaker head eye, it looks like your shoes have retained that converted DS appeal.

TiShoe is made with only the highest quality materials and non-toxic chemicals. Safe for use on all colors and various shoe surfaces, TiShoe has a fragrant bubble gum scent rather than the conventional unpleasant industrial odor often associated with other shoe cleaning solutions.

TiShoe’s come packaged in a 10-count hanging box for $6.99 MSRP and a 20-count shoe box for $12.99 MSRP, and will soon be available at major shoe retailers across the U.S.


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