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Tinker Hatfield Agrees: the HyperAdapt Costs too Much

Tinker Hyperadapt Price 1Tinker Hyperadapt Price 1
Tinker Hyperadapt Price

The might be the future of performance footwear, but unless its price tag becomes more punter-friendly, it’s going to have a rough time in the market place. And agrees.

In a recent interview with Hypebeast, Hatfield let on that he shared our concerns, and also divulged some juicy titbits about the model’s future.

‘It’s not realistic to think everybody can spend £600 on a pair of sneakers,’ Hatfield says, before reasoning that, like the original computers, a technological advancement like the HyperAdapt will always start off expensive before dropping in price: ‘The price will come down because of mass production, and also factories will be more used to it.’

Later on, he teases that the scoop about HyperAdapt moving to the hardwood is just the beginning. ‘You’ll see it after that on football boots and also some running shoes, but that’s a little bit further down the road.’

You can read the full interview here.

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