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Three Execs Leave Nike Amid Workplace Culture Issues

They're in a constant battle to claw back market share from adidas, but Nike’s next issue to resolve will be internal.

In a March 22 earnings call, Mark Parker addressed a problematic corporate culture that was ‘inconsistent with Nike’s values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment.’ A similar statement from Nike’s chief of HR, Monique Matheson, says the brand had ‘failed to gain traction’ in efforts to represent women and minorities.

Now, three Nike executives have left the company, most notably Antoine Andrews, Beaverton’s former head of diversity. It's not apparent if Andrews left on his own behalf, but Market Watch are also reporting that senior brand director, Vikrant Singh, and vice president of global brand digital marketing innovation, Daniel Tawiah, are being ‘forced to leave’.

It’s not clear who will fill these top positions — but we hope at least a couple of them went to women.


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