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This Wotherspoon Mock-Up is Being Made by Counterfeiters

Sean Wotherspoon Nike Custom Counterfeit Main2 1200X800Sean Wotherspoon Nike Custom Counterfeit Main2 1200X800

was one of the year’s biggest releases, spawning a slew of friendly tributes and, more controversially, a boatload of replicas.

A stand-out in the former category was STAYCOOLNYC’s 80s-inspired take on the corduroy make-up, which the brand mocked-up following the release. Counterfeiters in China apparently agreed that these bootlegs were fire and put them into production. The knock-offs replicate the neon colourway of the render but, in a move that’s fooling no one as to their intentions, have removed the Swoosh.

In an interview with Highsnobiety, STAYCOOLNYC’s Amin Adjmi makes clear his stance on fakes, stating ‘I don’t think a company should recreate something that already exists in hopes of making people believe their version is real,’ but, admittedly, bought a pair for posterity (and a laugh).

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