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This Dj's Sneaker Collection Is Worth $404k

Your brain might have 404'd on that title, but that's what StockX have valued DJ Skee's sneaker collection at. StockX bill themselves as 'the stock market of things' but before they master all of the world's product, they've started with sneakers. Working in the same manner as the New York Stock Exchange, StockX treat sneakers as companies. So instead of your sneaker simply being listed for sale, you throw it up with a hidden asking price, and when the someone bids that price – the shoe is sold immediately. The shoe's worth is then derived from its market value.,

DJ Skee is one of those multi-hyphenate types whose success makes others feel like quitting drinking for a fortnight. He's finessed a few business decisions in his lifetime, and accredits his acumen to flipping sneakers during his youth in Minneapolis. He'd buy three pairs and sell two of them to pay for the first – an enterprising plan that seems to have worked out. Recently he got StockX on his show, Skee TV, and they dove into his collection to provide a comprehensive evaluation. Being data dudes, what ensued was a tonne of numbers – which they break down on their blog – but what's most important is the jaw-droppingly high bottom line of $404, 000.

Check out their infographics below, and watch the whole piece above.

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