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15 Sep 2017

Industry News

This Company Will Help You Break Up With Your Sneaker Collection


When you've spent years building up a stack of sneakers, it can be difficult to part with your collection. However, a sizeable sneaker set comes with a ton of baggage: you've got to figure out where to store the shoes and how to keep them in mint condition. The pile of sneakers in the corner of your bedroom can serve as a reminder of how much money you've sunk into kicks that you never get the chance to wear. Thankfully, Arkiv are here to help when you decide it's time to break up with your sneaker collection.

Arkiv understand that the secret to a successful break up is to keep things amicable, and they'll ensure that you and your sneakers part on good terms. The Chicago-based company specialises in buying entire collections, offering customers 60-65% of the market value for unworn pairs. They also run a more traditional consignment operation, taking a 20% commission for each pair sold through their site.

If you aren't quite ready to part with your collection and simply need a little breathing room, Arkiv offer a premium sneaker storage service as well. They'll store your shoes in a climate-controlled environment, ensuring that none of your prized kicks get damaged by the elements.

Arkiv was only founded in January of 2017, so they're still finding their feet in the sneaker industry. It's clear that the company provides a valuable and much-needed service in the industry: it'd be much easier to sell a sizeable collection as a whole rather than list each pair individually on eBay or Grailed.

We'll be keen to see how the company performs in the months to come, and whether they emerge as a legitimate competitor to traditional sneaker resale sites.

15 Sep 2017

Industry News

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