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New Balance 550

This Black and White New Balance 550 is so Crispy

The New Balance 550 has quickly become a mainstay model within the NB arsenal, and been reworked in a slew of ultra-clean two-tone makeups. Back at it again in a crispy black and white build, it’s had incredibly subtle tweaks that separates this from previous releases.

This new black and white joint looks familiar, and that’s because a similar iteration released not too long ago. However, this time, the major difference is the branding isn’t filled in. Instead it has been placed in white, and outlined in black. The other is on the heel, which sees black underlays and white overlays instead of white underlays and black overlays. It follows the same design principles as the recent baby blue edition and, arguably, offers a much cleaner and crisper look.

The bulk of the construction remains unchanged, with the upper constructed using white leather, and perforations appearing along each side, while contrasting black hits and specialised NB550 tongue branding completes the vibe.

Last year, Teddy Santis’ Aimé Leon Dore brought back the NB550, which was originally an enigmatic basketball shoe from the 1980s. The silhouette rose from the ashes through a limited collaboration with the New York brand, and later received in-line releases from NB. Now, it’s had too many colourways to count, with most of the successful iterations following a similar colour-blocking blueprint to the one used by Santis.

No word has come through on an exact release date, but we’re sure it shouldn’t be too far away.

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