Coi Leray MSCHF Big Red Boot
Coi Leray MSCHF Big Red Boot
Coi Leray MSCHF Big Red Boot

The Wildest MSCHF Big Red Boot Outfits!

The Big Red Boot may be MSCHF’s most mischievous sneaker yet! The Brooklyn-based creative collective has taken the internet by storm over the past week with their Astro Boy-esque creation. Initially, the project was revealed via a swathe of images featuring actor and model Sarah Snyder followed by plenty of celebrities, artists and influencers with their wild outfits.,

The MSCHF Big Red Boot is completely crafted using a TPU rubber shell with outsoles crafted using EVA foam. The brand initially hinted that the inspiration was the Dora the Explorer character Boots, but the internet has decided they’re identical to Astro Boy’s iconic footwear.

The drop date has been locked in for February 16, but note the BRB will have a hefty RRP of $350. So before you go dropping that kind of dough, why not get some style inspo? We’ve curated the craziest fits that featured MSCHF’s Big Red Boot. From Coi Leray to Lil Wayne, keep scrollin’ to see the gargantuan boots in action.

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