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14 Sep 2009

Industry News

The Ultimate adidas Superstar Lover!

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A couple of months back we introduced you to , a kooky Indonesian with a fetish for sample Nike SBs. Two weeks after the interview went live we received an email from another crazy collector from the same city, this time with a penchant for the adidas Superstar. There must be something in the water in old 'Nesia Town, because these guys mean business! Not content at collecting every single Superstar Shelltoe known to man, Bram Nein has created his own shrine (or as he calls it a ‘superior father care' room) to the trefoil brand. Pimped out flyer than any shoe store on the block, we removed our kicks, popped on a fresh pair of white socks and entered the three striped world of Nein - The Superstar Lover!

Hey Nein, how's things poppin' off in Indonesia at the moment?
It's all about vintage and classic sneakers right now. Some collectors here are really into the newer designs but for me, it's all about vintage!

You found us after checking out sample collection on Sneaker Freaker - big ups for that! What is it with Indonesian heads and killer sneaker collections?
Yeah, Elvis is one of the best collectors in Indonesia. I admire his collection. Actually there are many great collectors here, but most prefer to be quiet and modest.

Really? So living in close proximity to the footwear factories isn't a factor?
No, 99.9% is about the willingness and passion to collect, while 0.01% is luck. Being close to the factory will give you a glimpse into the initial designs of sneakers but it doesn't have anything to do with having a collection.

Where did the passion for three stripes start for you?
I become interested in sneakers as soon as I saw the vocalist of my favourite band (Deftones) Chino Moreno screaming on stage, wearing these sneakers with three white stripes on them. All I could think was ‘I have to have them!' It's just too bad that the band has not collaborated with adidas at all.

Adidas have a bucketload of fresh styles in their archives, but you're only bananas for the humble shelltoe aka Superstar - What is it about the shoe that you love so much?
The design of the Superstar is quite plain and simple - that's what makes the sneaker unique and valuable to me. I have a few different models of Superstar, but I prefer the vintage silhouettes the most - from the design, shape, detail and material.

Where do you cop most of your heat?
The Originals store, resellers and someone knocking at my door with a bag full of sneakers haha (aka the postman!)

Let's talk about the samples. It's hilarious that when you posted your NBHD Consortiums on you got flamed because so many heads thought you had fakes in your collection - you schooled them hard! How much of your collection is dedicated to samples and designs that never make it to store shelves?
I'm proud to be a part of SSDB. There are so many senior collectors on there and I learn a lot from all of them. I don't school them; I just inform them about sneakers that I've never seen on their site before. Getting samples does not make me a sample hunter. It is purely a matter of luck that I get samples, because in Indonesia, it is hard enough to grab any sneakers I want. I dedicate myself to the trefoil, not to samples

What about the fake situation then...has it gotten out of hand in Indonesia?
Only regulation can solve this situation, however the rules and guidelines here do not contribute to much and people like to look for loopholes, which isn't that hard. It's sad for Indonesia to be in this predicament but I can only say ‘avoid the fakes'.

Let's talk about this room that you have! My god... it's a showroom!
There are two kinds of rooms in my house. The ‘superior mother care' rooms are the bedroom, kitchen and the room for our baby. Then there is the ‘superior father care' space. It consists of only one room and I handle it with care. I have installed an air conditioner, keep it clean at all times, and open it up once a week for ventilation.

Woah, that's dedication! When did you start building the superior father care room?
Only a few years ago. I've only been collecting a short time, but every shoe follows the same ritual. I smell them, check out all the details then wear them while I sleep!

You're nuts! And you actually wear them all, right? In your sleep?
Absolutely, they're not only for show but also for being worn. Even if I have a top secret, limited edition pair, I'm going to rock them proudly.

Which are you most proudest of?
My black NBHD Consortium samples, Patent UNDFTD, MCM Pro Models and every pair in the Consortium series.

Are there any that you are still fiending for?
I still want to have every vintage Superstar in my collection. The ‘80s series are my grail!

Do you think you'll be an 80-year-old man, still rockin' adidas with an exhibition room?
Interview me in 50 years and I will show you another ‘superior grandfather care' room.

Any parting words?
Ada kata2 lain? In legit we trust"

Thanks Nein!

14 Sep 2009

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