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26 May 2021

News NBA Kobe 5

The Sneakers NBA Players Wore the Most During the 2020-21 Regular Season

nba sneakers kobe 5 stonks

With Playoff action now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to take an in-depth look at the most popular sneaker choices among the NBA players during the 2020-21 regular season. The crew at the Kix Stats have gone hard in the paint, collating all the stats on the action below the knees and, unsurprisingly, Nike and Jordan Brand are still the undisputed MVPs of the NBA hardwood.

Dominating the court once again, Team Swoosh embody that , with the ever-popular Kobe 5 topping the standings. Worn 2469 times throughout the season, the 5 finished just ahead of another Mamba model, the Kobe 6, which was laced up 1980 times. Interestingly, the Bryant estate recently announced a split from Nike, so we could see these numbers drop in coming seasons – sad news for fans of the legendary on-court lineup.

Kevin Durant’s Nike KD 13 ensured it wasn’t an all-Kobe podium, coming in third with 1747. Additionally, the Air Jordan 35 comes in at fifth for the Jumpman, while we have to wait until ninth spot to get the first adidas entry, courtesy of Damian Lillard’s Dame 7.

The Kobe 5 was the most worn pair in all categories bar one, including ‘minutes played’ and ‘points scored’. However, Centers preferred wearing the Kobe 6, perhaps due to its slightly wider toe box.

Check out the full breakdown from Kix Stats here.

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