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The Sneaker Industry is United Amid the George Floyd Protests

The criminal treatment of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police has once again highlighted the systemic racism still rampant within the Land of the Free, and yonder. News and images of Floyd’s murder continue reverberate across the globe, fuelling widespread protests – in many cases, riots – in the fight for justice.

The sneaker industry has also been steadfast in their response, with brands using their powerful reach and influence to champion an awe-inspiring message of change. Putting differences aside for the greater good to humanity has never been more important, and even the industry’s biggest rivals – Nike and adidas – have realised that, uniting in a never-before-seen show of camaraderie.

We know we have a long way to go, but the industry’s solidarity has been an encouraging glimmer of hope during a dark time.

We at Sneaker Freaker also condemn the callous murder of George Floyd, and implore all to fight for change.

Official response from our founder Woody can be read here.

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