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The Sneaker Freaker x Reebok 'Run the 90s' Book is Out Now!

Just when we think we’ve researched and documented every conceivable niche in the sneaker game to the nth degree, along comes Reebok with a request to dig deep into their impressive roster of 90s runners. The brand was certainly a hotbed of disruptive innovation throughout the decade, and connecting the dots to produce the Run the 90s book has been an illuminating experience.

Christian Tresser

With a sleek metallic silver cover, custom polybag, sticker inserts, double-branded bookmark, and fluoro pop colours, this is a premium production that was months in the making.

As detailed in the luxuriously designed pages, the 90s was a creatively fertile decade for sneaker design. Inspired by Paul Fireman’s exhortations to ‘make it happen!’, the maverick team of Reebok designers and developers he assembled was primed to embark on a creative jamboree that produced Pump, Hexalite, Graphlite, and the DMX cushioning system. We tracked down the old firm from the Reebok Advanced Concepts team to find out how and why the era was so influential. With two separate stints at the brand, Christian Tresser’s legendary career at Reebok is bookended by his Aztrek and Daytona DMX designs.

We also pay a long overdue visit to the official Reebok Archive. From a clutch of period-correct tracksuits to experimental components and oddball prototypes, we blow the dust off some priceless treasures. There’s more than 80,000 Reebok items in the Archive, so the feature is just a tiny taste, but it’s more than enough to drive any Reebok fan completely nuts.,



Unfortunately you can’t just buy this book anywhere. You have to be someone, know someone who is someone, or have a hookup. Sorry folks, you know how it is!

The good news is that we have five freebie copies for Sneaker Freaker readers.

Head over to our WIN SECTION to enter.

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