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The Shoe Surgeon Passes On His Secrets

Every art form has its pioneers and every craft has its mavericks – Dominic Chambrone is one such person. Dom, aka The Shoe Surgeon, is known for his elaborate custom sneakers, which he deconstructs and completely rebuilds to suit his customers wildest desires. When he first started there was no real way to learn this kind of thing, so with a goal to work towards he enrolled in a traditional shoe-making course and used that knowledge to blaze his own trail. Now, The Shoe Surgeon himself is passing on his hard earned wisdom to the next generation of sneaker deconstructers, through workshops he hosts, one of which recently took place in Downtown LA. This one was the second of its kind, the first having taken place in New York back in August.

If you’ve ever had the desire to build a sneaker then this is as good as it gets. Students are provided with all the tools they need and either an Air Jordan 1 or Air Force 1 as a base model. From there they are walked through the process from deconstruction, pattern making and material selection to stitching and finishing – all of which takes place over five days under the watchful eye of the master, Dominic Chambrone.

Dom plans to do more workshops like this and even some more in-depth master classes. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to take part and check out some more photos over at The Shoe Surgeon's Instagram.

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