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The Mystery Of Flying Kicks 2
The Mystery Of Flying Kicks 2
The Mystery Of Flying Kicks 2

The Mystery Of Flying Kicks

They hang like bats on telephone lines in major cities around the world. The random act of sneaker tossing is seen as both blight and beauty and has created a global phenomenon that has caused debate from its beginnings. So why do people throw sneakers on telephone wires? From losing your virginity to gang funeral-rites to modern street art, sneaker tossing has spawned various myths both hilarious and sinister. It has also given rise to an online public desperate for an explanation.

The Mystery of Flying Kicks will seek an answer to the mystery of flying-kicks once and for all. The filmmakers will be calling on the global public to help them solve this mystery and make the film. Using a SKYPE hotline anyone can phone in their sneaker tossing theories and stories. These recorded stories will form an audio collage that will then have animation, film and other bits of visual arcana forming the vision. The public can also donate photographs, video or animation towards the final film. This unique approach to making a film by gathering information and material on-line from the global public will make this a truly experimental documentary. Hit the image above to record your theories and be involved in this truly innovative documentary.


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