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The Kickz Stand To Run Sydney Sneaker Trade

The Kickz Stand, those Syn City party animals that came and tore up our Big Kahuna Swap Meet have caught the buy/sell/trade bug and are putting on a similar show in their hood. There's gonna be plenty of sneakers on sale, a live photo shoot of a sneaker-loving babe, some chili dogs and dranks to keep you sated and get you faded and some deejayz manning the ones and twos. These guys sold me a pair of LeBrons for 40 clams at the end of the Big Kahuna 'cos they didn't want the cargo for the return flight, so we've got a feeling there might be some bargains to be had on the day. It's going down in exactly two weeks time in Leichardt. Go here to keep up to date with any further news regarding the show.

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